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Sub Platters
  • An assortment of our most popular subs
  • Dressed to your desire 
  • Condiments available on the side
Dessert Platters
  • An assortment of all our desserts
  • See the dessert tab on the left for all of our dessert items
Fruit Tray 
  • An assortment of fresh fruits 
  • Fruit dip available  
Sandwich Trays 
  • An assortment of sandwiches including egg salad, tuna, and a selection of deli meats 
  • Small orders or big ones, we do them all!
  • See our bread menu for a full list of bread product

Veggie Tray
  • An assortment of your choice of fresh veggies
  • Includes veggie dip
Meat Tray
  • An assortment of quality deli meats
  • Sandwich meat trays or finger food meat trays available
  • Contact us for the variety of meats available
Cheese Tray
  • A variety of bite sized cheeses
  • Mozzarella, medium cheddar, old cheddar, marble

Cracker Tray
  • An assortment of delicious crackers
  • Or you can order a tray of your choice of crackers
  • Add baguette style garlic bites to your tray for some variety!

  • Coffee, decaf coffee, or tea
  • Includes sugar, sweetner, creamers, stir sticks, cups, and lids
  • Garden Salad (iceburg lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, cheddar cheese, and your choice of italian or ranch dressing)
  • Caesar Salad (romaine lettuce, bacon bits, onion, croutons, mozzarella cheese, ceasar dressing) **Add chicken for an additional charge!!!
  • Taco Salad (iceburg lettuce, onion, tomato, green pepper, nachos, chili, cheddar cheese, italian dressing)
  • Cold Salads (potato, macaroni, coleslaw)

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